Attention to Detail

Ultrafryer® commercial deep fryers are known for their incredibly fast recovery times, high production, energy efficiency, and long service life. We have the ultimate solution for meeting customer demand at fast casual restaurants and retail operations.

Our fryers are so efficient that they have saved customers up to 60% in energy costs while producing great-tasting products.

When you are ready to reduce costs and simplify workflow, consider our superior line of fryers.

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Our latest fryers merge the efficiency of our patented heat exchanger with infrared burner technology. The results are exceptional recovery times, even more energy efficiency, higher oil quality, and quiet operation.
The new filtration system is easy to use and gives the fryer a new, sleek-looking design. 


Our fryers are known throughout the industry for excellent oil management, energy and cost savings, long and reliable service life, and quick recovery times.
Due to the incredibly fast recovery times of Ultrafryer fryers, it is possible to cook more food per hour. For most operations, just one Ultrafryer can produce the same volume per hour as two ordinary fryers. Imagine the cost savings of having one less fryer!
With Ultrafryer’s patented heat exchanger, more energy is transfered into the shortening and food — resulting in lower exhaust temperatures. This allows you to use low-profile hoods.


Ultrafryer rethermalizers are perfect for thawing and holding frozen food packets.
Batter tables improve workflow and are a perfect companion to our extensive line of deep fryers.